Case Status

On this page you may search for the status of your case in court and the history of actions from the recording of your case. Searching is performed through the case number and reflects the data in the case management information system (CMIS). Currently, it shows the results for Basic Courts and Kosovo Court of Appeals, while the system is constantly updated and improved.
  • Watch the tutorial video
  • In the search field enter the case number you seek to find the status information, and then click "Search Case Status"
  • The search results will display the status of that case and the history of actions in that case.
  • If you want to perform a new search, press the "New Search" button
*In case you have filed a case with the court and the search for its status shows no results on this page, this does not necessarily mean that the case in question is not in the court. The case may not have been recorded yet in the electronic system (CMIS) or the database needs to be updated. The case status data on the court webpage are updated every 24 hours.